Specially Fabricated Belts

Day after day it is our most motivating challenge to ensure fulfillment of our customersspecial requests.

Probe uses polyurethane elastomer Timing belts as its thermoplastic properties allows various fabrication along with a wide variety of backings in different materials to provide solutions for conveying applications where synchronization is required.


Timing Belts with Fabric backing

Reduced coefficient of friction Smoother tooth engagement

Polyurethane Film backing

Offers best resistance to abrasion Used in ceramic, glass & wood industry Heat sealing machines in food industry

Polyurethane Foam backing

Easy compressible Used in labeling equipment, fragile (soap) conveying, glass & paper industry

PVC Backings

Has a high coefficient of friction and good resistance to acids paper, glass, ceramic, labeling & packing equipment

Rubber Backings

High Temperature resistance Paper industry, ceramic industry, labeling and packing machines & glass industry. More types of backings are available as required

Polyurethane Round & V Belts with and without Profile

For use in food industry from product transfer to packaging lines For use in ceramic industry