General Conveyors

There is not a product imaginable that has not been on a conveyor belt either before, during or after its life cycle.

Probe brings a full line of conveyor belts for general conveying applications to the belting industry. Our product line includes a wide range of belts and coatings designed to meet some of the most demanding requirements and challenging applications in the field. From soft belts with high grip and resistant to water, oil and chemical to hard surfaces which resist cutting, punctures and abrasion.

We supply PVC / PU Conveyor belts to a host of industries. Listed below are a few such industries we cater to;

  • Plastic - Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Retail Point of Sales Point
  • Metal Industries - Magnetic Elevators, Can Manufacturers, Nails & Metal Sheet Workings
  • Construction Industries - Brick Works, Marble & Ceramics, Wood Works
  • Soap, Detergent & Chemicals/li>
  • Recycling Industries - Plastic, Metal, Paper Recycling
  • Printing & Packaging Industry
  • Cable Manufacturing Machines
  • Airport - Flame Retardant, Check-In, Scanning, Horizontal/Inclined, Acceleration, 45 degree Merger, Accumulation, Curved Conveyors & Spiral Conveyors

  • Mail Processing & Postal Machines
  • Office Equipment
  • Automatic Ticket Validating Machine
  • ATM & Bank Machines
  • Ticket Dispensers & Gaming Machines
  • Photo Machines & Printers