The most important impact of packaging is that it enables satisfying human needs in an effective way. Without packaging services, most goods especially food, would not reach its consumer.

Probe offers especially designed products from Nitta for specific machines and applications being the OE supplier of following packaging machine manufacturers;

  • Ward
  • Marquip
  • United
  • Sun (Lanston)
  • S&S
  • Koppers
  • Post
  • Emba/McKinley
  • Mtsubishi
  • TCY
  • Latitude Machinery
  • Martin
  • Bopst
  • J&L
  • Heidelberg
  • Staud International

Probe offers special belts for specific functions, in particular for Corrugated Industry like;

  • RT Rough Top belts - a special belt designed and developed for conveying corrugated cardboards
  • Nitta Folder Gluer XH series belts with high abrasion resistant rubber, without marking the paper.
  • Nitta Super Endless Feeder belts are truly endless and made of a special ruber with a high coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance on the transporting surface.


  • Elevator
  • Bridge
  • Scrap
  • Folding
  • Counter Ejection
  • Stacking
  • Strapping